La presó de Nonasp

Esta és la pàgina web d’un nou i complet allotjament a Nonasp, Franja de Ponent (Baix  Matarranya) a la província de Saragossa.Un allotjament rural econòmic ideal per a la pròxima Setmana Santa!

Hi sou tots benvinguts!


També tenim pàgina a Facebook!

*To my english speaking readers: I’m sponsoring my family’s new rural accommodation in my hometown. Soon they will have the web page site in english!! I will make a new post for you ASAP 🙂

Celebrating Irish Blogs and Bloggers on Saint Patrick’s Day

Irish day News

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit! And, if you don’t speak Irish, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! March 17th is a public holiday in Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Montserrat that commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Today, we’re showcasing Irish blogs and bloggers as a way to join in the fun.

No celebration is complete without food

If we’re celebrating, we’ve got to have good food. Foodies will enjoy One Man’s Meat, where Irish blogger Conor Bofin shares his carefully photographed recipes, well-seasoned with humor. We especially enjoyed his recipe for an English classic, toad in the hole, and this amazing hot smoked duck with orange marmalade.

Hot Smoked Duck with Orange Marmalade, by Conor Bofin. Hot Smoked Duck with Orange Marmalade, by Conor Bofin.

Ireland in photos

Kildare-based photographer Edward Mooney showcases his work over at EdMooneyPhotography. His photo essay on Donadea Castle captures the beautiful ruins in black and white.

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Around the World in 12 Photos

picture loooooove // amor per les fotosssssss News

We’re beyond proud that incredibly talented photographers around the world choose to showcase their photos on

Pack your virtual bags and join us on a turbo trip from Bangkok to Brisbane and from Kolkata to Los Angeles (with a few stops in between) as we explore the wonders of the street photography tag on Be sure to fasten your seatbelt and review the in-flight safety features of our turbocraft before we taxi for takeoff.

First stop, a market seller in Bangkok, Thailand, courtesy of Majawi Images.

BANGKOK, THAILAND: Market Seller 1, Bangkok from Majawi Images BANGKOK, THAILAND: Market Seller 1, Bangkok from Majawi Images

Next up, Los Angeles, California, and Donald Barnat‘s photo of insouciant street youth, entitled, “Forever 21.”

LOS ANGELES, USA: Forever 21 by Donald Barnat. LOS ANGELES, USA: Forever 21 by Donald Barnat

Over in New York City is “Out of the Shadows” by Shawn Escoffery.

NEW YORK CITY Out of the Shadows by Shawn Escoffery NEW YORK CITY: Out of the Shadows by Shawn…

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An Afternoon at Shek O

ooohmg (L)

What an Amazing World!

Pastel-colored Houses in Shek O Pastel-colored Houses in Shek O

Hong Kong Island is a small piece of land constantly bustling with round-the-clock activities, keeping its inhabitants living a fast-paced life. It is where new skyscrapers are built, often over the rubble of older ones, to continuously change the face of one of Asia’s economic hubs. Yet, on an island where land reclamation has altered the harbor forever, slivers of unspoiled nature can be easily found at the other side of the hills, unknown to many who visit the territory.

Less than six hours since arriving in Hong Kong after an overnight flight from Jakarta, I am already on my way to Shek O, aboard a double-decker bus with James. Passing through narrow leafy roads, a far cry from the dense concrete jungle to the north of the island, we arrive at the approach road to the town of Shek O. “House numbers here…

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