A goodbye picture // Una foto per dir adèu

A goodbye picture // Una foto per dir adèu

In 24h I’m leaving Brno…
It has been an amazing, loverly and breathless experience.
Thank you all who made this possible!


En 24h me’n vaig de Brno….

Sigut uns experiencia increible, loverly (no translation) i emocionant.

Gràcies a tots els que ho heu fet possible!


Čau Brno!


Hi han amics i amics // There are many types of friends

Amics per sortir de festa, amics per fer un cafè, amics per riure plegats, amics per riure i per plorar plegats, amics que estan sempre disponibles, amics que no tindrien tot el temps que voldrien per dedicar-te però que quan els veus un cop o dos l’any és com si res hagués canviat, la vostra amistat queda congelada fins que us trobeu i continueu evolucionant. Raquel per a mi és d’aquest tipus d’amiga; algú a qui li puc confiar tot el que em passa pel cap un o dos cops l’any quan podem trobar-nos per dinar/sopar/cafè bombó i alà és reflecteix una preciosa amistat.

Avui és el seu aniversari i esta és la primera foto d’una tarde divertida que he trobat per desitjar-li un gran dia 😀



Friends to hang out, to go for a coffee, to have a laugh, to laugh and cry together, always available and there’s also that type that they’re always busy but seeing them once or twice per year it’s enought to know that your friendship goes on, the relationship it’s frozen till you meet and discover that everything is the same between you and your friend. That’s what happen to me with Raquel. And today it’s her birthday and I want to congratulate her with this funny picture 😀


I feel sooo lucky // Em sento moolt afortunada

Perquè tinc amics genials aquí i allà que m’ajuden, m’enyoren , m’estimen i m’esperen i  perquè els mals moments em són recompensats x10

Avui, després d’any i mig,  he experimentat una felicitat tan brutal que m’ha fet plorar…


Because I have friends around the world that help me, miss me, love me and wait for me and because bad times are replaced by good ones…

Today, after year an a half, I meet most amazing happiness, what a big feeling that make me cry…



The FLANEUR … an urban explorer.

loverly paintings

Bel' Occhio

BEL’OCCHIO   … the beautiful eye



To walk the city streets.


To be a connoisseur of corners and investigate the unfamiliar.


To simply stand and stare and let the city envelope you.


 To become an urban explorer.

To glory in the bridges and buildings.


The writers.

The artists.

The scholars.


The street stroller.

The amateur detective.

The urban explorer.

This Flâneur.

FLANEUR – a literary type of 19th century France.  A man of leisure, the idler, the urban explorer. .

Baudelaire characterized the Flâneur as a “gentlemen stroller of the city streets”.

Gustine Caillebotte  a painter and member and patron of the group of artists known as  Impressionists captured them on canvas.

Eugene Arget, a  flâneur,  photographed the streets and people.

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