Things that I loved from Nantes III // Coses que em van agradar de Nantes III

The castle  in the day

Lo castell de dia

ImageImageImageImageP1180977 P1180982 P1180983 P1180991 P1180995 P1180997 P1180998 P1180999 P1190004 P1190005 P1190006 P1190007 P1190010 P1190011 P1190014 P1190017 P1190018 P1190020 P1190028 P1190029 P1190055 P1190056

P1190178 P1190182

I durant la nit Bretona

And during the Bretonne night

P1190264 P1190265 P1190270 P1190277 P1190279 P1190280 P1190285I estava a 5 minuts de casa!

It was 5 minutes from home!


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