3.5 hours with Genie :)


Do you know couchsurfing.com?? Well, it’s a website to meet with people who can host you in their place when you are travelling with you bag, you can stay there for free and know new and local people. You can look for places and/or you can offer your place too!

Last month I join in this website to look for some places to stay during my trip to USA with Toni (L). And I forgot to advertise that at the moment I can’t host anyone because I’m living in a dormitory, but this cute chinese girl, Genie


Found me and she wants to know me and to bring here to eat good spanish food and to some beautiful place. I’d chosen The magic Fountaine of Montjuic and she loved it 🙂


Hope you will have a nice fight back to Manchester tomorrow! =)

Nice to meet you!!


(Yeah she know how to say: ¡Hola! – ¡Tapas! – ¡Churros! – ¡Adiós!)

(Ara en català)

Ahir Alba i jo vam anar de tapeo amb aquesta taiwanesa que està estudiant a Manchester i va vindre de visita. Em va localitzar per couchsurfing.com, on em vaig registrar però em vaig oblidar d’especificar que no podia allotjar a ningú de moment, perquè segueixo en una residencia d’estudiants. Tot i així ella volia coneixe’m i que la portés en algún lloc maco; vaig escolir la font màgica de Montjuic i vaig acertar de plè 🙂

Avui una de cumple i unes uantes hores de pc més; AIXÒ S’ACABA!!

5 díes i seré semi-lliure.

5 days and I’ll be half-free.


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