Now my blog it’s for Toni!!

For the good news and for wish him a save flight and good days in Cali!!!

If you’re going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you’re goin’ to San Francisco
You’re gonna meet some gentle people there
In the street
If you come
In the street
If you come to San Francisco

Bona sort i que ho passis bé…fins que vingui!! Aleshores ho passaràs (ho passarem) EN GRAN!!!


Picture of // Foto de Seurasaari, Finland

He came to visit me, I will visit him 😀

Ell va vindre a veurem a Helsinki, jo aniré a veurel a San Francisco (L)

** Ginansiun, Te vull!!!


Consellsperalavida1: // Tipsforlife1: Don’t let others bad vibrations come to you =)

L’energia, bona o dolenta, es contagia. No deixeu que l’energia negativa dels demés se us encomani,absorbiu tota la positivitat que trobeu i somrieu molt: És el paraigües perfecte per a les males vibracions.

Reflexions com estes se necessiten estos dies plens d’exàmens i gent estressada!! =)

Consellsperalavida1: // Tipsforlife1: Don't let others bad vibrations come to you =)

Energy it’s contagious, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. So, regarding this, take all good vibrations you can, and put a smile on your face: It’s the perfect umbrella for bad vibrations.

Reflexions like this are needed these days full of exams and stressed people!


(2/7) El meu estimat nebot Aleix // My lovely nephew Aleix

Today I’d just recieved this picture by e-mail

Isn’t he lovely? With this smile…and he already says “màma” 😀


I’m totally in love with him I can’t stop looking this picture!!

Yes, LaiainlovewithAleix 😀

I’m going to take care of him sometimes and I will teach him how to life (now i’m Laia Stinson hahahaha)


Avui he rebut esta foto per e-mail. A que és mono?? Amb aquest somriure…i ja diu MÀMA 😀

Estic encantada amb ell, no puc para de mirar esta foto!

Seh , LaiainlovewithAleix 😀

De vegades li faré de cangur i li ensenyaré com viure la vida (Ara sóc Laia Stinson hahaha).

Second exam done!

Segon examen fet!


Donna (L)

One of the most beautiful dogs in the world!

Image Un dels gossos més preciosos del món!

Oh Donna, won’t ya pick me up tomorrow?
I need to get out of this place I’m in, and get my life in order.
Although this world, just might fall apart,
I’ve got enough in my heart to get us started.
Come with me, oh, I’m beggin’ you please, or
Just say goodbye, cuz’ this is the end of me.

(Donna – FM Static)