Even I don’t have lots of time, today I must post about this big day in Catalonia.

The legend tells that long time ago a dragon had been terrorizing people and the princess had to be sacrificed to calm down him. When the sacrifice had been started Sant George came and killed the Dragon. Then the blood transformed in roses.

Here is the description  of Sant Jordi’s Day 🙂 (Thanks Wiki)

La Diada de Sant Jordi (Catalan pronunciation: [ɫə ðiˈaðə ðə ˈsaɲ ˈʒɔrði], Saint George’s Day), also known as El dia de la Rosa (The Day of the Rose) or El dia del Llibre (The Day of the Book) is a Catalan holiday held on 23 April, with similarities to Valentine’s Day and some unique twists that reflect the antiquity of the celebrations. The main event is the exchange of gifts between sweethearts, loved ones and colleagues. Historically, men gave women roses, and women gave men a book to celebrate the occasion—”a rose for love and a book forever.” In modern times, the mutual exchange of books is also customary. Roses have been associated with this day since medieval times, but the giving of books is a more recent tradition originating in 1923, when a bookseller started to promote the holiday as a way to commemorate the nearly simultaneous deaths of Miguel Cervantes and William Shakespeare on 23 April 1616. Barcelona is the publishing capital of both Catalan and Spanish languages and the combination of love and literacy was quickly adopted.

In Barcelona’s most visited street, La Rambla, and all over Catalonia, thousands of stands of roses and makeshift bookstalls are hastily set up for the occasion. By the end of the day, some four million roses and 800,000 books will have been purchased. Most women will carry a rose in hand, and half of the total yearly book sales in Catalonia take place on this occasion.

The sardana, the national dance of Catalonia, is performed throughout the day in the Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona. Many book stores and cafes host readings by authors (including 24-hour marathon readings of Cervantes’ “Don Quixote“). Street performers and musicians in public squares add to the day’s atmosphere.

23 April is also the only day of the year when the Palau de la Generalitat, Barcelona’s principal government building, is open to the public. The interior is decorated with roses to honour Saint George.

Catalonia exported its tradition of the book and the rose to the rest of the world. In 1995, the UNESCO adopted 23 April as World Book and Copyright Day.

I love this day, not just for the roses, I love it for what this day means for Catalunya and for the Book Day thing…yeah I like to see the streets full of books and writers signing their own books.

It’s also stressful but it’s an stress that I also LOVE.

Here you are a picture with my favourite writer, taken three years ago =)

Aaand… What I will do today? Just go to the cinema and take literary walks with three of my best freinds: Jordi, Helena & Gina =)

Estimats lectors catalans, avui la versió catalana njo serà la mateixa perquè sabeu de sobres la llegenda i la tradició del dia d’avui.

Només comentar que m’espera un matí de fer feinota i una tarda de cine + passejada amb grans amistats com Jordi, Gina i Helena ^^




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